Welcome to Sport Yorkies

Welcome to Sport Yorkies

Spud jump

Spud taking the jump

This is a website devoted to to the exuberant Yorkshire Terrier and our agility training programs. We have years of experience bringing these lovable little high-energy bundles of fur to a well-trained and directed level of working obedience.

Spud Tunnel

Spud Tunnel

Spud is one of our super Yorkies, and stud dog. He is 3 years old. He started his agility career in the Fall of 2012.  Spud is our littlest and youngest competing Agility dog. He is 7 1/2 inched tall and weights 4 1/2 pounds. He has a Novice Agility, Novice Agility Jumpers, Open Standard titles. Spud is getting ready to start in the Conformation ring the Spring of 2014.


Gizzy photo by Carla Armbrust

Gizzy is the biggest-little athlete you will ever meet, he is easy to live with, travels great, and is cuddly. He is one of the best Agility Yorkies in the Northwest. He started competing when he was three years old, he turned seven in May 2013.

His AKC titles are Novice Agility Fast, Novice Agility,Novice Agility Jumpers, Open Agility Fast, Open Agility, Open Agility Jumpers, Agility Excellent, Excellent Agility Jumpers, Master Agility Excellent, Masters Excellent Jumpers, and Canine Good Citizens. He is working on his Master Agility Championship (MACH).


Gigit is one of our sweetest Yorkies. She was born November 2, 2012. She is a beautiful little girl. She is learning basic obedience, come, sit, down, stretching, left, right and balancing on a wobble board. She is one of AKC’s newest recognized Yorkie colors. She is a Parti Yorkie.

Kyanne 13 weeks

Kyanne,  born March 17, 2013, she  is a Parti Yorki.  She is very sweet and endearing. She loves everybody and is fearless. She and I have a lot of fun learning tricks and playing on the agility coarse. She weights in at a big 3 1/2 pounds, just barely big enough to make a teeter go down. She love to run and play.

Pine 14 weeks Pine, born March 3, 2013 is a Chocolate Yorki, she is happy go lucky.  She is very cuddly and and lovable. One of her favorite activities is to watch dog or horse video’s on the computer or TV.



Tia Tia is the most wonderful Yorkie I’ve ever trained. Her birthday is November 28, 2012. She loves learning new things and is is always ready to play agility. She is always looking to learn something new.  She is working on learning weave poles and will be ready for competition next winter.  She is a very elegant and refined yorkie.


Christmas 2013 - Koi

Christmas 2013 – Koi

Koi is our newest addition. We have big plans for this cute little cuddly Chocolate Yorkie. His birth date is July 19, 2014. I am taking him to handling class where he is learning all about the conformation ring. Joel has started him on some basic agility exercises. He is so smart, very cooperative, and lovable., you tell him once and he remembers.


Sport Yorkie Updates

International Champion Spud Omzig

International champion Spud Omzig

Spud received his International championship March 16, 2014. The four judges that looked at him thought he was fabulous.  We are so proud of him.  Judges comments:  Overall impression: Beautiful, excellent condition, nice breed type. Coat: very nice texture, silky, excellent.  Head: correct, well shaped, good portions.   Eyes: Good Eye color, dark, proper size.  Ears: well placed,  proper, good shape.  Chest: well developed, correct, good depth. Front & rear quarters: good angles, strong. Tail: well placed, holds well. Topline: beautiful, level, correct, excellent.  Movement: Excellent,very nice, good coming, going, and side, ground covering.               … Continue reading

Albany Agility Trial

Joel with his trainer Sue

We were so busy this weekend, running back and forth from Agility, Obedience, and Conformation to catch all our friends compete, that I didn’t get any photos so I thought I’d post some photos of Gizzy’s first AKC run January 2010. Gizzy got 24 points for his Standard run and was so fast that Joel couldn’t keep up with him. The Judge told Joel that he and Gizzy will make a “killer team” someday. Joel’s  trainer Sue walked the course with him and they went over all the possibilities together. The video is hilarious. I also posted it on our … Continue reading