Welcome to Sport Yorkies

Welcome to Sport Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers, often referred to as Yorkies are some the most exuberant fun loving dogs in the world. We have devoted the past 10 years training and breeding Yorkie for agility, companionship and cuteness. We start training Yorkies when they are puppies and teach them to be fearless and confident little Yorkies. We are located in Washington State. Providing breeding and training for Washington and  Oregon state in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. We breed for intelligence, Health and Beauty. We love the beautiful Chocolate Yorkies,  breeding for deep rich Chocolate color, as well as the beautiful Parti Color Yorkshire terrier, we are striving for the most beautiful Yorkie colors we can get. We DNA all our breeding yorkies with AKC and also get Color DNA done on them to provide us with with information to breed beautiful Chocolate Yorkies and Parti Yorkies. We have Yorkie puppies available several times a years.  Our years of experience have brought many of  these lovable little high-energy bundles of fur to a fun level of working agility, which also makes a beautiful, happy, confident Yorkie in the conformation ring.

Spud Valentine red 14Spud was one of our Super Yorkies, and stud dog. He was a conformation Champion and also has an Agility Career.  Spud is very fast, and  he love agility.  He is 7 1/2 inched tall and weights 4 1/2 pounds. He has many Agility titles;  Novice Agility, Novice Agility Jumpers, Open Agility, open Jumpers with weaves, Excellent Agility and Excellent Jumpers with weaves titles.


Gizzy MACHGizzy is a Master Agility Champion, he is the best little Yorkie athlete in Washington and Oregon States .  He started competing when he was three years old, he is 9 1/2 and still awesome fast the Agility Courses. His other AKC titles are Novice Agility Fast, Novice Agility,Novice Agility Jumpers, Open Agility Fast, Open Agility, Open Agility Jumpers, Agility Excellent, Excellent Agility Jumpers, Master Agility Excellent, Masters Excellent Jumpers, and Canine Good Citizens. He is also in my husbands bird hunting dog.

Gazoo our most beautiful Blonde Chocolate male, He is training for agility and the conformation ring. He is wonderful to work with, very smart and lovable. Gazoo is the perfect dog! He is a color carrier, has perfect conformation, and gorgeous hair. Weight 3 1/2 lbs

Dutch is our Parti Stud dog, He is a cute little guy, he is my silly boy, love to go places and check everything out. He is a sweet heart.



Gigit is one of our sweetest Yorkies. She was born November 2, 2012. She is a beautiful little girl. Gigit is a wonderful mamma dog and has gorgeous parti Yorkie puppies. She loves agility and loves to work.

CPWC3695webScarlet Red,  Is our beautiful little Red Yorkie. Her beautiful color is Blonde Chocolate, she is a color carrier. very sweet and cuddly

Pine,  is a Chocolate Yorkie, often know as a “little Yetti”,  Her favorite past time is to run with German Shepherd dogs and boss then around, she has know idea that she is a little Yorkie. She is happy go lucky.  She is very cuddly and and lovable. She is a beautiful  mamma dog and produces beautiful color.

Tia Tia is the most wonderful Yorkie I’ve ever trained.  She loves Agility competition, doing tricks, loves people and dogs. She is every ones best friend.  She loves to work and is faster that lightening.  She is a very elegant and refined Traditional Yorkshire Terrier. Barbara and Tia are on there way to a MACH

Koi is our wonderful Chocolate Yorkie. He is very elegant and charming. He will steal your heart. He is the father of many of our litters and passes on a sweet  intelligent disposition. Koi is now living with Grace as her  companion. He if filling his hearts desire to take care of someone he loves.

IMGL8108Snickers is an absolutely Gorgeous Parti Yorkie, she loves agility, she is very smart, easy to work with. She loves Agility training, as well as obedience and of coarse she is a very cuddly Yorkshire Terrier.


ELF, there are no word to tell how adorable this Yorkie is, she is beautiful, wonderful personality, smart, and cuddly.

Tallie is a beautiful Parti Yorkie, Very out going, loves to work and play. Love to play agility and most she likes so snuggle

Shautzy is daddy’s girl, She is a beautiful Parti color with mostly black on her back, white legs and collar. She is beautiful

Little Halle Berri, Cute as a button, she is the perfect pocket puppy! she is Chocolate parti

 Snuggles is growing into a beautiful sweet little girl, she is a Tia and Spud grand daughter

Sport Yorkie Updates

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